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Thông tin cần thiết cho ngày lễ 15.7 (Jubilation July 15 2018 - Information Sheet)

Thứ hai - 09/07/2018 00:21
Thông tin cần thiết cho ngày lễ 15.7
Jubilation July 15 2018 - Information Sheet
  • This is an outdoor event, except for the beer garden which will be in the basement of the church. In case of very bad weather activities will be moved inside the church and various rooms of the University of St. Boniface.
  • De la Cathedrale will be closed between Taché and Aulneau for the celebrations.
  • The mass will be live-streamed on the diocese Facebook page, on Salt + Light Television and on the websites of Salt + Light and Radio-Canada to allow those who are unable to attend to participate.
  • Seating: Approximately 2000 chairs will be available in front of the main stage (mass and evening concert). Consider taking your own lawn chair or blanket as the other stages will not have any seating.
  • Please note that sections of the 2000 chairs will be reserved for clergy, Catholic Women’s League, Knights of Columbus and invited dignitaries.
  • There will be a section for wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Bring a hat, sunglasses and water. Please do not use an umbrella during the mas as this will restrict the view of those behind you.
  • Collection: A collection will be taken up. The funds collected will go towards the expenses of Catholica 200. Envelopes will be distributed, and tax receipts are available for all types of donations, provided you fill out the envelope. Please make cheques payable to the Archdiocese of St. Boniface.
  • First Aid will be available throughout the day including emergency trauma services, oxygen and an AED.
  • The washrooms inside the church will be available as well as a number of outdoor units in the east parking lot and near the children’s activity area.
  • Food: There will be a variety of food trucks available all afternoon, and many local restaurants will be open. Picnic tables will not be available however you are welcome to use the chairs.
  • Information Services: A number of tents will be set up along de la Cathédrale Ave. offering numerous services including: information on programming and shuttles, complimentary bike lock-up, free magnets, tattoos and balloons, souvenir book sales, merchandise sales (pins and keychains), recycling and Riel district tourism services.
  • Parking and Shuttle Buses: The church parking lot will be used by the production crew and volunteers, as well as limited space for handicapped parking. Public parking will be available on all St. Boniface area side streets as well as in lots at: University of St. Boniface (access off Despins), LaVerendry Centre (access off des Meurons), Collège Louis-Riel and Whittier Park (access off St. Joseph St.). Shuttle buses will run in a continuous loop from the parking lots (not including USB) to the church from 10 am to 10 pm. (Note that due to construction, Taché Ave. between Provencher Blvd. and Despins will only be open in the northbound direction.) Shuttle and passenger drop off points are identified on the Shuttle Route and Parking map.

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